About Ons

EarCatchers offers products made from Sterling Silver 925 only (with the exception of Steampunk and Elf Ears if material not described). We specialize in non-pierced ear jewelry and therefore there are no holes needed - ear cuffs, ear wraps, ear climbers. We offer models that are made by the designers themselves only. 

If you are interested having some of the models of our collections in your store, please feel free to contact us. EarCatchers is official TM's representative on the Dutch market.


Fitting and removal instructions




Handmade silver jewelry may naturally tarnish over time. This is a property of the material and its tendency to tarnish is part of its beauty . In order to keep the bright antique look, use cleaners such as silver paste or cream. Do not use liquid cleaners! Your jewelry might loose their unique look forever.

Gold Vermeil needs the same care as gold. If worn with care, it will always shine. 


We distinguish ourselves from webshops, retail stores and markets which provide illegal copies and where the price/quality has no relation to the original work.